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Picking the right engagement ring metal for your ring

While a considerable amount of time is spent finding the perfect diamond for your engagement ring (and it’s easy to see why), you’re also going to want to make sure that you choose the perfect engagement ring metal to really help accentuate everything that the diamond you’ve selected brings to the table.

Different ring metals and materials are going to add a bit of different visual flair and style to the choice of diamond that you have selected. Some are going to help your diamond really light up a room even in complete and total darkness, and others are going to provide a more antique and subtle look that is elegant and classic.

It’s important that you find the perfect engagement ring metal for your ring. You’ll want something beautiful, you’ll want something classy, and you’ll want something that will last and last. Hopefully we are able to help you find the perfect engagement ring metal for your ring in this quick guide!

Yellow Gold

Natural yellow gold is easily the most traditional of all the metal and ring material choices when it comes to engagement rings and wedding ring, and it’s easy to see why. This is the kind of material that has been used in these types of rings for hundreds of years, and is a metal that has a tremendous amount of value as well as some pretty interesting symbolism.

The overwhelming majority of yellow gold engagement rings today and wedding bands are made out of 14 karat gold or 18 karat gold, and this material is usually polished and shined to produce a warm setting that really helps to beautifully frame and accentuate diamonds as well as yellow or pink sapphires and citrines.

Rose Gold

Rose gold has really started to become popular in just the last few decades, and as an alloy of gold and copper it is something a little more subtle, something a little more unique, and something that brings quite a bit of visual flair to the table when it comes to diamond engagement rings.

The beautiful thing about rose gold is that it can start off with a rather delicate and almost understated pinkish hue, and over time it’s able to patina and darken into something really spectacular. This allows the ring to kind of “live” the same way that you and your love does, and the symbolism that it offers is pretty special.

White Gold

Some people love the look of silver or platinum but still want to have their ring made out of gold, and that’s where white gold comes into play. A rhodium plating on the white gold provides a strong level of protection against the softer gold material, guaranteeing that this ring is going to look spotless and just as good as brand-new for decades and decades to come.


A 100% pure white metal that is noncorrosive and will never change color or fade, platinum is definitely a popular choice for those that are purchasing diamond engagement rings as it has a certain weight and density that is spectacular. Gold feels lightweight and sometimes a little bit “flimsy”, but platinum has a heavier and more substantial feel without ever becoming too dense or uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis.

On top of that, platinum is quite a bit stronger than gold material choices. This allows for higher levels of security when setting diamonds into it, and platinum also happens to be 100% hypoallergenic so no one has to worry about allergic reactions from wearing this ring so close to their skin on a daily basis.


Silver is still a popular metal for those that want a beautiful diamond engagement ring or wedding band, and some folks find it to be a more contemporary and a more modern look compared to the traditional gold that so many chose in the past.

Relatively inexpensive and still quite strong, it allows for a beautiful finished look without the sky high budget that some of the other ring materials out there on the market today are going to command. This is one of the least expensive of all the materials available, and it allows some people to purchase larger diamonds – or more diamonds – to be set into the ring because they save money on the band itself.

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