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Top 10 Online Jewelry Stores

Highlighting 10 of the best online jewelry stores today

Trying to find the perfect online jewelry stores today can be a bit of a challenge.

Below we highlight 10 of the very best online jewelry stores in business right now, giving you the opportunity to browse some of the best jewelry collections, the best diamond and precious gemstone prices, and the best people in the industry to do business with today if you’re serious about getting your hands on quality jewelry without spending a small fortune.


You may not be completely familiar with this brand name right now, but the odds are pretty good that more and more people will come to know them in the future. Offering top-notch precious gemstone pieces and considerable discounts, their diamond selection is somewhat small but they still offer amazing pieces at amazing prices.


Offering up to 25% off of designer jewelry pieces created by some of the most influential jewelry designers anywhere on the planet, visitors to Ice.com will be able to browse a product catalog that is constantly changing and shifting on a daily basis. All orders are guaranteed for at least 30 days with a moneyback promise, so you never have to worry about ending up anything less than overjoyed with your purchase from Ice.com.


A lot of people forget just how many different kinds of things are available for sale on eBay these days, and the jewelry selection they make available is absolutely second to none. It’s impossible to know for sure exactly what kind of jewelry will be available at any one particular point in time – all because this is 100% market-driven – but the selection is top-notch, the variety is off the charts, and you’ll always have a chance to find something that is perfect for you regardless of what your budget may be.


Zales is probably most well-known for the retail locations that they have in pretty much every major shopping center in America today, but they also have a pretty robust online presence as well. The selection that they make available online is obviously larger than the selection that they carry in their stores. They also will ship products directly from their online shop to any of their local retail locations before you purchase them so that you can get a better look at what you’re going to be buying ahead of time, and offer a fantastic moneyback guarantee as well.

Overstock Jewelry

Overstock is another company that a lot of people forget about when it comes time to purchase jewelry online, mostly because they are similar to eBay in that they offer so many different kinds of product categories that’s easy to have they are jewelry section slide under the radar. Even still, they offer a wide range of pieces at competitive prices for sure.

Tiffany and Company

Maybe the most famous jewelry store on the planet, Tiffany and Company is based out of New York City and offers fantastic jewelry pieces online as well. The little iconic blue box is something that EVERYONE wants to find under the Christmas tree or given to them as a gift to celebrate a special occasion.


The Jewelry Exchange

A very popular website for those looking to buy and sell jewelry online today, this is a bit of a clearinghouse for jewelry as you’ll have the opportunity to purchase at wholesale prices and can even make bulk purchases of jewelry as well. The deals available from this retailer are top-notch, and though the selection can be a bit hit or miss it is still worth looking into.


Specializing exclusively in pearl jewelry, if you are serious about getting a new set of pearls – or want perfectly matched pearl jewelry pieces for yourself or someone special, this is the only website that you should be spending your time.


Offering considerable discounts on all of the jewelry pieces that they make available, featuring savings up to 60% or more off of traditional retail prices, the deals and savings available from this retailer are almost unbeatable. The selection is a little bit small, but they add new products regularly.

Kay Jewelers

Another jewelry company probably most well-known for the retail shops that they have all over the United States and the rest of North America, this company also has a pretty robust online shopping solution that customers can take advantage of. Sales are best in the lead up to major holiday seasons, and they offer a great moneyback guarantee as well.

Harry Winston

Another of the most famous jewelry designers on the planet, Harry Winston pieces are beloved by collectors, Hollywood celebrities, and the rich and famous all over the world – and for good reason. These pieces are unique, are semi-custom, and are of the highest quality available anywhere around the world today.

Blue Nile

The number one place online to purchase diamonds or diamond jewelry, Blue Nile has more than 250,000 diamonds available for sale with thousands more added on a regular basis. There’s a reason why this company is so popular with those shopping for engagement rings, and their prices are about as good as you are going to find anywhere today.

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